Danesh Baniyan Industrial Group of Takstan Sanat Gharb since its establishment in 2017 until now in the fields of palmir and biofuels. Advanced has been active and has professionally entered the advanced fuel production market since 2017. In the group of new technologies of Tactic Industrial Group, he succeeded in the fields of biotechnology and the production of biological fuel supplements Gasoline, biological engine detergent, engine oil supplement, salty glass, as well as in the field of oilseeds cultivation and industry in the country for to do the first time in the country and to establish the second branch of his company in Turkey

The Sanat Gharb vineyard company has been able to start its activity in this area since 2016 and also the D&R Tactic team is studying to produce other products from the category of organic products, one of the honors of this collection is the export of organic products to the countries of the region and research and marketing. It is aimed at the European markets and the countries of the Persian Gulf, we hope to be in this small service field for dear Iranians. Tactic Industrial Group, with close relations with several companies inside and outside the country, strives to use the latest technologies. Include these industries in the consumption basket of the market. I hope you have a good day For you, dear consumer, we hope that the services of this collection can answer your needs and you, dear friend, too Help us in this way by sending constructive comments to our website or contacting our company